3 Amazing Romanian Woman Who Deserve A Banknote

Romanian women

In honour of the first woman ever put on a Romanian banknote, we shall celebrate by learning more about amazing (and regrettably forgotten) women from Romania. Due to the recent creation and apparition of the first Romanian banknote represented proudly by a wonderful female, the public has been divided between the ones who don’t seem to understand the need for a female on currency and the ones who didn’t know at all about that change.

I thought an article about wonderful(and regrettably forgotten) Romanian women is vital at the moment, for their memory has to be resurrected should we want true equality between sexes, unfortunately, an unachievable dream in the current state of Romania. Thus I shall go ahead in bringing back into popular memory 5 amazing women, of course beginning with the icon which inspired this writing.

  1. Ecaterina Teodoroiu- A Woman of the War
Romanian woman
Source: Wikipedia

Ecaterina Teodoroiu is the prime subject of today’s article, a woman whose current distinction has sparked debate in the Romanian social scene. The funniest of things, in this case, is that everyone has heard about Ecaterina, but few know why she is so iconic. So let’s see what she did to permeate popular memory for decades. Ecaterina, the `Romanian Joan of Arc`(according to general Henri Berthelot) was born in 1894 in a  family of farmers from Oltenia.

She joined the army first as a nurse and later, after her brother’s death, as a soldier, rising to fame for her patriotism and courage. She became a sub-lieutenant at a time when people barely recognized the ambition of women, even after she was welcomed with scepticism in the army. She is an icon of ambition and heroism, for she became a symbol of courage for her battalion, her famous last words being “Forward, men, don’t give up, I’m still with you!” according to a document of the time.

2. Monica Lovinescu- The Anti-communist Fighter
romanian woman
Source: Wikipedia

Another wonderful woman on our list is Monica Lovinescu, a literary critic, essayist, translator and anti-communist journalist. She was born in 1923 in Bucharest, the daughter of the colossal literary critic Eugen Lovinescu. She was a graduate of the University of Bucharest and her literary career started with her début in Vremea magazine.

Because of the totalitarian regime of oppression that held captive Romanian intellectuals at the time, she gained the affront of communist underdogs and was abolished from the country’s cultural memory. However, her anti-communist works and the fight she held to bring into western awareness the problems Romania faced at that time remain an important pillar for the communist dissidents. 

3. Adela Xenopol- The Romanian Feminist Icon

Adela Xenopol is unfortunately another forgotten icon we should be proud to learn about. Adela was born in 1862 in Iași, in a prestigious family of Romanian intellectuals. Her important contribution to the emancipation of Romanian women started in 1914, during World War I, where she and other women presented a suffragette petition in front f the Romanian Parliament.

Romanian Woman
Source: Wikipedia

She also founded and wrote in numerous journals dedicated to women and feminist writers and wrote exclusively about the emancipation of women from under the patriarchal tutelage and about other liberal views on women’s rights. Even though her memory has been absolutely abolished from the cultural space due to the authoritarian regimes, her legacy lives on through her wonderful pieces of literature and essays dealing with the struggles of being born a woman in a word dictated by men.


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