4 Amazing products that gave me plump, baby skin

3 Amazing products that gave me plump, baby skin

Finding the right skincare products for you might be a challenge, especially if you are a beginner. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration before buying them. You might find a lot of interesting things about them: if they actually do what they claim or if they are worth it and I always encourage people to watch a lot of reviews and ask for opinions beforehand.

I have used quite a lot of skincare products until now. I found out that I really enjoy both Korean and western skincare as well. I am no expert, however, and I must say I was really lucky because I decided to start with these before I really knew what I was doing. I feel like they are such simple and easy-to-use products, that you just can’t go wrong with.

Here are 4 products you might want to give a try.

Cosrx advanced snail mucin power essence

Even if I have oily skin, my face tends to get really dry in the fall and wintertime, especially right after I use my cleanser. And it looks so dull and lifeless. This essence was a lifesaver. It made my skin so smooth and plump and gave me that baby cheeks look. No matter how tired my skin was (and I must confess I suffer from insomnia), this product deeply hydrated my skin. It might feel a little bit sticky at first, but it absorbs quite nicely into the skin after a few minutes.

So, I highly recommend this, even if you happen to have combo or oily skin like me. When I use it in my skincare, the makeup I apply afterwards just looks better.

CeraVe Moisturizing cream

This face cream is very affordable and works pretty well for me. This brand is quite popular and people claim it’s practical and really does its job, which I really agree with. This cream is a little bit thick, but it absorbs really nicely into the skin and it’s just soooo soothing and hydrating. My skin is a little bit sensitive, and luckily this doesn’t have any fragrance to it, so it’s the first time a moisturizer doesn’t make my eyes sting. Overall, my skin feels just like cashmere after applying it, and my redness just disappears.

Mizon snail repair eye cream

This was the first eye cream I used, and I must say it was a hit. It brightened my under-eye area and made it look plumper. It made me look just like a doll or a fairy after I applied it, and after some time, that area started to look better. My under eyes were really moisturized and soft, my dark circles were less noticeable and I also had fewer creases in my makeup when I used this. It lasts quite a while because you only need a tiny amount of it.

Etude house moistful collagen cream

This is the holy grail for baby skin. I use it mostly at night because it tends to let a shiny finish and wake up with soft, plump skin. It smells really nice and it’s just so soft and spreadable. My skin feels smooth and deeply moisturized the next day. However, I use it after the snail mucin essence for better hydration. I still have to see how it behaves in the summertime, but during the winter months, it was just perfect.

Everyone’s skin is different. And that’s why what works well for someone might not work at all for you. However, if your guilty pleasure is to pamper your skin, and you love trying new products, you should definitely try these. Just remember that the most important rule is that before you put anything onto your face, you need to do a patch test, meaning that you should try it on a small area first.

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