3 amazing narrative podcasts you should listen to

narrative podcasts

When talking about entertainment media, everyone talks about movies, TV series, games or anime. But I seldom hear people recommending narrative podcasts or just podcasts in general. It is one of my favorite way to enjoy a story, so I am a bit

Because it’s such an underrated media, I will be talking about three popular narrative podcasts to get you started.


The Magnus Archives

At the time of writing this article, the amazing narrative podcast and cult classic The Magnus Archives is nearing it’s five years run. The Magnus Archives is a horror narrative podcast. It mainly consists of an anthology of horror stories that are seemingly unrelated, but are building up to a bigger, overarching plot.

This podcast is the first one I got really into. I used to listen to even 20 episodes a day, because it was so much fun! The horror stories have an impressive range, from gory, bodily horror, fear of the dark, to more existential fears, such as taking part in a cult and police brutality.


Welcome to Nightvale

If you like the spooky feeling, but you would rather sleep at night, then Welcome to Nightvale is your best bet for a relaxing, chill and a bit unsettling and spooky kind of show. It is amazing if you want to try something that doesn’t have too much horror in it.

Welcome to Nightvale is the first narrative podcast that I listened to, and I got hooked to it. It is a series about the lives of the residents of Nightvale, a small desert town in which every conspiracy theory is real… or is it?


The Penumbra Podcast

The Penumbra Podcast is an interesting narrative podcast. It is composed of two main series as of now, The Second Citadel, a medieval story about queer knights and queerer monsters, and the Juno Steel series, a Mars based SF detective story about a private investigator that gets tangled into various events, as he hunts for artifacts, seeks to capture wrongdoers and face his own demons.

The Penumbra Podcast has done since 2016 what we are still asking for in 2021. The stories feature diverse characters in a very respectful way. It is one of the only series that I have seen that tackle things like healthy polyamory, gender fluidity and other many topics of the like in such a matter. The writers really do research and put in the work to portray such topics as accurately as they can.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and that you will give a shot to narrative podcasts as well. For more podcast recommendations, check out other articles we have on the subject!


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