3 amazing LGBTQ+ movies that will bring you joy

3 amazing LGBTQ+ movies that will bring you joy

Here are 3 of my favorite LGBTQ+ movies that never fail to bring me joy. I hope they also bring a smile to your face so that you start the new year on a positive note.

The Way He Looks

This is a Brazilian coming-of-age LGBTQ+ movie and it’s brilliant. It was originally a short film, but you can also see the feature film on Netflix. This film is about Leonardo, a blind high school student. This film tracks his yearning for independence, his friendship with his best friend Giovana, and the arrival of the new boy at school, Gabriel. It is soft and earnest, and romantic in a tentative way, and it’s all-around delightful.


This movie actually came out a few years ago now, but I will never stop recommending it. it’s based on areal-life event that happened in England during the miner’s strike, where a group of lesbians and gays decided to raise money for the striking miners and their families. What happens next is this clash of cultures which just reaffirms the idea of solidarity amongst people who are marginalized; it is brilliant. It has a whole host of famous faces in it, and by the end, it will just make you rejoice to be in a world where people can do so much good for each other.

The Birdcage

This is a bit of an older movie. It’s based on my favorite musical of all time, La Cage aux Folles, and it has Robin Williams in it.  so if you’d like to watch one of his excellent films, summon a bit of joy in your life, this is a fantastic one. The film centers around Robin William’s character and his partner, who is a drag queen at the burlesque venue that they own together. Basically, their son comes back home and he says that he wants to get married; but the girl that he is in love with has very conservative parents who would definitely not approve of the marriage if they found out about his fathers. So it’s kind of an elaborate farce. It’s all about the idea of found family, and it’s just unflinchingly gay; it’s fantastic.


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