25th October- International Artist’s Day


Many people don’t know that apart from the International Day of Art which is April 15, there is also a day that celebrates artists. On October 25th we celebrate International Artist’s Day.

What is the purpose of art?

The purpose of art is to express yourself, to unleash your imagination, to get out of your box and to explore your thinking. Art helps you to open your mind, to show people a new perspective and new ideas. Art has no rules. Art is the expression of your emotions, thoughts, desires. Art is a language that goes beyond words .

What is an artist?

Being an artist means looking at things more closely than most people do, finding beauty in everyday things and going beyond ordinary. Artists dream and fantasize about things, they take risks and  expose themselves to possible failure, they persist when others may give up.

History of International Artist’s Day

International Artist’s Day was founded by Chris McClure, a Canadian painter known for his work done in a style called “Romantic Realism.” He created this day in order to celebrate all manifestations of the art world, regardless of specialization, but also to encourage artists to express through their works their own perspective on life.

How can we celebrate International Artist’s Day?

A way to celebrate this day is to read about the great artists of all times. For example: Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet or Salvador Dali. You can search for what made them create their art pieces. Behind every work of art, there is an extraordinary story. Or, you can also read about their lives and how they discovered their talent.

Another way you can celebrate this day is to visit an art gallery or museum. Disconnect a little from the real world and enter the world of art. You will relax and you will be able to admire some extraordinary pieces of art.

An artist can hide in each of us. So let your imagination run wild and create amazing things. Remember what Albert Einstein said: „Imagination is more important than knowledge”.


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