2020 is the new 2012: 5 bands to remind you of your emo phase


Do you remember that time in middle school when you hated everything and everyone? Were you wearing black clothing, makeup, and nail polish? Was your hair covering a good portion of your face? Were you shouting at your parents: “This is not a phase. This is the real me!”? Then you might have been going through your emo phase. And one important feature of that period was the music. Emo culture impacted me and other people from my generation just as it was on its deathbed. Many bands were either breaking up or changing their music style. However, 2020 offered us the perfect opportunity to be nostalgic about this rock music genre, so I offer you five bands as a cure for that feeling.

  1. My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance is for sure a band that will remain one of my favorites forever. After all, they are the fathers of the 2000s emo music. Despite that, Gerard Way, the frontman of the group and now the creator of the new Netflix hit Umbrella Academy, described the genre as “f*cking garbage”. But whoever went through an emo phase definitely knows the lyrics of songs like Welcome to the Black Parade, Teenagers, or Helena. And I think many of us, former emo kids, cried when they announced they would split in 2013.

The statement posted on their official website about the break-up

Fortunately, the band has reunited. On October 31, 2019, they announced they would be back in Los Angeles for a show. Despite the high prices of the tickets, it was sold out in 4 minutes. What was supposed to be a one-off show became a reunion tour, postponed right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH)

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Founded in 2004, the British rock band isn’t really considered emo. However, Bring Me The Horizon’s earlier music style can be described as metalcore (a combination of extreme metal and hardcore punk). However, they moved on from the genre since then. The Sempiternal album is the last one who fits their old music style. Since That’s the Spirit, the band chose to embrace less aggressive genres, such as alternative rock and metal, and later, electronica, pop, or hip hop. If their older stuff is of interest for you, I can suggest you listen to It Never Ends, Can You Feel My Heart, and Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake. Also, their newest single, Obey, featuring Yungblud, brings back a taste of their former style.

  1. Falling in Reverse

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Even though I’m mentioning this band, they had only one album, The Drug in Me Is You (2011), which would fit the emo category. It is also the only album featuring founding bassist Nason Schoeffler and drummer Scott Gee. My favorite songs are The Drug in Me Is You, I’m not a Vampire, and Good Girls, Bad Guys. The lead singer and founding member Ronnie Radke seems that he has been followed by controversies over the years. After his former band, Escape the Fate, kicked him out and he served two and a half years in prison, his music career has started again. In the end, it seems that he turned his life around and forgot about his old grudges.

  1. Paramore

2020 is the new 2012: 5 bands to remind you of your emo phase
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While being on the softer side of the spectrum, Paramore still managed to make a great impact in the emo culture of the late 2000s. Singles like Misery Business, Crushcrushcrush, Ignorance, or The Only Exception received a lot of critical acclaims. I remember listening to them in my younger years and thinking about how cool is Hayley Williams (Paramore’s frontwoman), with her red hair and her I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude. Also, their song Decode became popular because it was specifically written for the movie Twilight. However, their fourth studio album, Paramore, released in 2013, confirmed the band’s reintroduction to a new approach genre-wise, just like in Bring Me The Horizon’s case.

  1. Palaye Royale

2020 is the new 2012: 5 bands to remind you of your emo phase
Source: Upset Magazine

This band is fairly recent, being formed in 2008. However, I haven’t heard of it until this year. Their newest album, Bastards, released in 2020, certainly is a hit. It is mentioned on their website that each member of the trio identifies with a certain character (The Pirate, The Vampire, and The Gentleman). Groups such as My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots are hinted as similar to the art-rock band. Important singers from the rock scene (Corey Taylor (Slipknot) and Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) for example) also support Palaye Royale’s success. If you want new songs, I recommend you to listen to Lonely, Anxiety, and Tonight Is The Night I Die.



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