2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten

This week I was on a music marathon from 2000s to early 2010s. I was not a teenager back then, but a kid, so I did not even know what some songs were about. It was more about their sound rather than what they meant. Of course, other core points were the singers themselves!
Now I do not look for information about artists unless I am really curious, but back then I used to read a lot about singers, bands, genres and so on! But even more than that, I liked to dance. Dance, dance, dance! Dance is the best thing you can do if you do not think about it.
In this article I want to jog your memory with two names and my favourite songs. Maybe I will inspire you to start your own marathon, or just to bring some nice memories. 2000s were wild. From emo to pop, from scandalous to cute! So much variety that I am always amazed.
1. A singer
Pop? Rock? R&B? Other influences no one talks about? Craziness? That’s right, it’s P!nk!
Or Pink, depends on how you write it.
Pink is one of my favourites artists due to how versatile she is. She has a powerful voice, and clearly knows what she is doing when switching from a soulful voice to a raspy one. Not only that, but also her performance is astounding!
I have not seen her live, so I cannot talk about how she is during concerts. But from what I’ve seen on YouTube, she clearly stands out there too! Her video clips ranging from colourful, emotional settings to funny, destructive ones are also eye-catching.
And the same goes for her lyrics and sound. Some songs are about breakups, others about rebellion, others support causes, others are stupid but in each one of them she is still herself. She sticks to her values, to who she is, and acts how she feels!
She is a complete singer and artist. She also a motivation to be yourself no matter what, and to not depend on anyone.
Favourite songs: Stupid Girl, Funhouse, So What, Get the Party Started, Sober.
2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten
Album cover
2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten
Album Cover
2. A band
Irish rock band? Soft-rock? Alternative rock? Pop rock? Folk rock? And every insert-adjective rock?
I honestly do not know their genre for sure, but I am talking about The Script. I have always liked their approach to music and their band: honesty, and authenticity. They knew who they wanted to be, they stuck to it, and now they are still loved by many fans.
Their lyrics might not be the deepest lyrics that you can find around, but surely they are relatable and hit hard. They always seem transparent in their songs and orientated towards emotions.
It was one of those bands that taught me that it is okay to feel, to struggle, and to simply accept it. It is okay to feel sometimes more extremely, or have doubts. After some years, their message still sticks with me, and I still find them simply charming!
Another thing that I really love about them is that they always tried to better themselves and be more of what they intended to be. You can see that in the sound progression, lyrics, and also sometimes in videos! Watching The Man Who Can’t Be Moved was quite the shock, especially when I learnt that everything was made live! Walking on rope in real life, at such height….
I think their blend of emotion, lyrics and sound is what you need to not take things too powerful. Sometimes when you listen to certain songs of them, it even feels as if they lift you, or try to ease your pain. They have an optimistic view to say the least.
Favourite songs: Hall Of Fame, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Superheroes, Breakeven, If You Could See Me Now.
2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten
Album Cover
2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten
Album cover
Of course, there are plenty of artists that I listen to from this period, but it will take me too much time to present all of them. For example: Lou Bega, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, LMFAO, The White Stripes or Plain White T’s, Snow Patrol, Goo Goo Dolls, 3 Doors Down, Coldplay are also fantastic singers and bands! Some of them are just simply funny to dance, others are rocking hard or just more soulful.
I hope my list brought you some memories, and you will go to have some fun! Don’t worry, it’s not a black parade any more, so you don’t have to put on your eyeliner.
If you wish to discover some bands, I also have an article on Indie bands. If you wish to continue the nostalgia tour, here are some articles about songs that turn 10 years and 00s gems. In fact, we have an entire music category that you should check out for more amazing singers!
2000s: awe-inspiring singers you might have forgotten


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