20 Funny Memes All 90’s Kids Can Relate To


No matter how old you are, you’ll always miss the 90’s. Music was better, people dressed nicer, and above all, memes were funnier. Well, that’s on being a millennial. Even if we thought that by 2020 there’d be flying cars and the time machine would be a thing, I’m sorry to break it to you but it isn’t… So, unfortunately, I can’t take you back to the 90’s, but these memes surely can.

1. Throwback to the time apples weren’t bitten

2. I can’t describe how uncomfortable this was…

3. I actually need these now for when I see shitty posts on social media

4. “Oh… Hello, mrs. Johnson! Yeah, I’m Darren’s lab p-partner”

5. At least we didn’t have an Instagram feed to take care of…

6. The struggle was real

7. We all wanted the pink one…

8. This little piece of sh-

9. “Is that flour?”

10. Oh, so I wasn’t the only one? Dammit…

11. And that’s on using code names 😉

12. No caption needed

13. I’m wet…

14. I used to call him Steve

15. And that’s why we’re all crackheads

16. Well, Karma is a bitch

17. Whooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?


19. Someone had to say that

20. You know that dance by heart, don’t you?

Well, our back-in-time trip has ended and as much as I’d love to stay here, we have to go. So, wipe that tear and let’s go back to 2020, you nostalgic piece of sh-


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