2 popular and free PC games that everyone can play

Review: 2 popular and free PC games that everyone can play
Everyone loves games! Even though you are an expert in games or you just want to have a great time playing something on your computer, free PC games became the most entertaining activity these days.

Personally, I just like to see the new releases of different types of games, and if some of them fascinate me, I start to like those games and I’ll keep them to play in my free time. I’m not a professional gamer and I consider that games should be played just for fun. That’s why, after I’ve played enough games, I found two interesting and also popular PC games, that everyone can play, without being judged for being a beginner player who just wants to have fun.

1. Genshin Impact

Review: 2 popular and free PC games that everyone can play

A well-known game these days is Genshin Impact. It’s an action role-playing game, where you can fight against some evil creatures or bad guys, using different kinds of weapons and magic powers.

At first sight, I thought this game is just an ordinary fighting game, but after I completed some quests and watched the story, I began to be captivated by the plot of this game and the amazing graphics. Everything looked so complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy and you can learn fast how to play this game. I was pleasantly surprised by the fantasy world where you have to travel across many places to discover new villages and realms.

Also, you need to complete interesting missions that will help you increase your level. But don’t worry, as I said, you don’t have to be a pro gamer to reach the next level. As long as you finish the missions that are suitable for your player’s level, you don’t have to stress trying not to lose. To be honest, that’s why I like to play this game.

Another thing I consider a benefit, is the fact that you don’t need to play with other people in order to complete the missions. You can play in single-player, without worrying that you might be kicked out because you don’t know how to play. This happened to me when I was playing for the first time League of Legends, and it was pretty unfair since I was a beginner and I had to understand how the game works.

All in all, this game is, from my point of view, a great way to spend your time, trying to find new amazing virtual places, fighting with the beasts and the evil, getting into the plot story and, why not, enjoying the background music as well.

2. Soulworker

Review: 2 popular and free PC games that everyone can play

The second game which is also an action role-playing game is called Soulworker. And is created in an anime style like Genshin Impact. The only thing I suppose is different is the fact that this one has a multiplayer option. I’ll be honest, I didn’t try this option, I prefer to play alone and enjoy the game.

In Soulworker, you have to destroy the mystic creatures and eliminate the boss in order to save the world. There are so many characters to choose from, each of them having a different and unique weapon. As you level up, you can upgrade your weapon and fight different and even strong new creatures.

As I said, this game is also multiplayer, but I can assure you that you are able to play in the single mode too. I always do that. And it doesn’t affect the quests at all, which is great for someone who isn’t so good at playing this kind of games.

However, I found something difficult to handle and this thing is the use of combinations and the keyboard. You have to be careful which key you press in order to activate a skill, move forward or attack. At first, I was so confused, I couldn’t reach the next level. But after some practice, I succeeded and now it’s much easier for me to play it.

I think this game can be interesting and maybe helpful if you like to play some other multiplayer games and you want to improve your agility and the ability to use the keyboard for guaranteed victories.


Unfortunately, I’m not able to play as many games as I want, for some personal reasons, but in the end, these two games are undoubtedly great for everyone!


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