2 Interesting Therapeutic Methods: Art and Music


Our day-to-day life seems to have ups and downs and it’s impossible to not encounter problems at work or in our relationships. So this is why we become stressed and overwhelmed or some people even become depressed because it seems impossible for them to get over these failures. But we know that in life nothing is perfect and we’ll become stronger like a stone if we are able to get through these things.

Art and music as therapeutic methods

There are many therapeutic methods to deal with anxiety and stress, one of them would be meditation, but let’s not forget about art and music.


Art helps us to transform our imagination into such beautiful pieces. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best artist out there, there’s no need of that. What you have to do is to let your emotions out and feel free to paint with the colors as each of them would describe one your feelings. There are a bunch of paintings out there that people love to see, even though some of them are painted only with colors without shapes, and that’s because people can feel their emotions when they look at them. Art can be a therapeutic method because you express something and it’s like you consume that emotion so it does not affect you anymore.

2 Interesting Therapeutic Methods: Art and Music

Music also has a powerful healing effect since the sound reaches our mind and makes us be synchronized emotionally with the song and with the meaning of the lyrics so it can also be a therapeutic method. If you want to be happy just listen to some happy or uplifting melodies for 10 minutes and you’ll see the changes. If you don’t like these types of songs then try some sad songs and you will feel that you can understand and even relate to them. There are also binaural beats, which you can find on YouTube, that can reduce the anxiety but it also helps us entering into a deep state of meditation.

So these ‘so-called’ hobbies are also useful for our mental health and it’s really great to use them when we want to de-stress after a busy week of work. Clik here if you are curious about other ways to release stress.


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