15,299 New Cases Confirmed in Florida on Sunday

New cases Florida

Florida has reported the largest registered in a single day in an American state since the first infection was confirmed in the U.S.

According to the state’s Department of Health and Statistics, there were 15,299 daily new cases were confirmed on this Sunday only from Florida. And the most terrible thing is, only four days earlier, there had been just under 12,000 registered.

Florida has so far reported a total of more than 269,000 confirmed cases and it is the
third highest count of coronavirus infections reported from a state of U.S.
According to the reports, at least 4,242 people have died in Florida from the virus and on Sunday, 45 more deaths were reported.

The US overall has also reported record-breaking daily numbers of new infections in recent days, confirming more than 60,000 on four of the last five days. To date, the country has reported at least 2.6 million cases and 134,000 deaths, the most of any country.

As a whole, according to the Associated Press news agency, while increased testing has partially accounted for Florida’s increase in confirmed cases, the rate of positive tests has also increased dramatically. And over the past week, the daily average exceeded 19


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