15 Harry Potter Tweets Only Real Potterheads Will Understand

Harry Potter tweets

Welcome to the wizarding world… where rats are yellow, villains don’t have noses and Harry Potter tweets always make it to the first page of The Daily Prophet. Well, what are you waiting for? Jump on that broomstick and fly with me to Hogwarts. The last one to arrive is a muggle!

  1. Gimme a dollar for every time someone said: “You have your mother’s eyes”. Oh, look! I’m a billionaire!

2. That interviewer is definitely a muggle!

3. *Are you still looking for Hogwarts after all this time?* Always…


5. Poor little thing

6. Dumbledore, you son of a… muggle

7. Well, at least he’s not like Voldemort. My Lord, “Avada Kedavra” isn’t a love spell. Slow down!

8. Even Voldemort has a heart, dayum

9. Umm, it’s getting hot in here

10. No caption needed

11. Iconic

12. Mission accomplished

13. Savage

14. Well, we all know Harry isn’t the brightest in the group

15. Imagine if your mother’s texts could talk…

Bloody hell, Harry… It’s midnight. If Snape sees you laughing at these tweets you’re gonna paint Umbridge’s walls pink for the rest of your life! You’re gonna need more than “Expecto Patronum” to get out of this. Good luck!




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