5 of Cluj-Napoca’s Best Tourist Attractions


For the last couple of years, Cluj-Napoca has earned itself a reputation as one of Romania’s most impressive towns. Located at the heart of Transylvania, a region renowned for its vibrant medieval cities and picturesque natural sights, Cluj-Napoca provides visitors with an unforgettable time. Here are five sights tourists should not miss when visiting the charming capital of  Transylvania.

  1. Cluj-Napoca’s Union Square

Located in Cluj-Napoca’s town center, the square looks like the place of a fairytale land. Saint Michael’s Church and the statue of Mathias Corvinus, proud symbols of the city, sit tall right in the middle of the square. A sight to look out for are the remnants of the Roman citadel, Napoca, a token of the town’s long and tumultuous past. Tourists seeking a cozy place to rest and enjoy a good cup of coffee should look no further than the “Che Guevara” café located near the Union Square. This place is quite popular with the locals, as it not only offers tasty drinks at a reasonable price, but also good music and a laid back atmosphere.

  1. The Botanical Garden

Visitors can wander through the vast, colorful gardens of this hidden oasis. The Botanical Garden hosts thousands of species of exotic plants from all over the world. It is also home to the most important herbarium in the country and an illustrious Japanese garden. All those looking to sit back and enjoy a refreshing afternoon should not think twice before heading for the Botanical Garden.

3. Cetăţuia

Take a walk through nature and climb up to Cetăţuia hill to watch Cluj-Napoca from up high. Few sights are as beautiful as the one Cetăţuia has to offer. Looking down on the city, adventurers will discover the medieval appeal of Cluj, with its scarlet roofs, old, solemn churches and narrow cobbled streets.

  1. Hoia Baciu Forest

For all the daredevils who seek an unusual experience, the Hoia Baciu forest is the perfect place to explore. This forlorn corner of the world is considered to be one of the most haunted sites of Europe. As legend has it, this forest serves as a gateway to another world and many have gone missing trying to uncover it. Who is to say what is the truth? Aside from its reputation as a paranormal hotspot, this forest near Cluj-Napoca is also a jewel of nature, offering picturesque sights and breathtaking mountain routes.

  1. Village Museum

It is no wonder that such a multicultural town with a rich history features a gem such as the Village Museum. Here, tourists can wander through the old Transylvanian houses and discover a forgotten world where time flew by at a slower pace and life was much simpler. Moreover, the reconstructed village hosts an impressive collection of folk articles, from craftsman utensils to traditional Transylvanian furniture and clothing.

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