13 reasons why you should love life


Everybody has their reasons to love their life, and today I am sharing mine with you.

  1. Ethereal books you haven’t read yet
  2. Linguistics and foreign languages you can learn
  3. Expressing yourself through any possible means
  4. Inspiring people who are too afraid to speak up
  5. Following your dreams
  6. Finally getting where you always wanted to be
  7. Dancing in the rain
  8. Autumn and its vibes!!
  9. Publishing a book, or writing one
  10. All the movies you adore, and the ones you haven’t seen yet
  11. Watching a sunrise/sunset
  12. Singing your favourite songs even though you are not a good singer
  13. Fascinating people who can teach you a lot

Reasons why I chose those reasons :))

Whenever I walk into a library or a bookstore, reality stops for a second; the atmosphere is astonishing. I like to walk around the bookshelves and try to figure out the secrets these books hold.

Honestly, I am in love with everything that means languages, literature and linguistics. There are so many languages in this world that one could learn. So many ways to express yourself. Words like petrichor, serenity, hiraeth, ostranenie, eunoia and so much more. I live for this kind of things, and losing my voice would be my biggest fear.

Before I joined this magazine and got some of my articles published, I didn’t feel like a writer (except for those days when I would put on some classical music while writing and pretend I was Dostoyevsky). Now I feel like I truly have a voice and I think I have found my people, and these are the reasons why I am so confident in my skills now. I can finally express myself and share my writings. And I couldn’t be happier. 

Today I’ve got a bunch of things done and at the end of the day, I looked in the mirror and thought I looked disgusting. I’ve been struggling with acne for a long time and can’t seem to get rid of it, and it makes me feel so ugly. Also, I have body fat which, as you probably guessed, doesn’t make me feel the prettiest. These two are my biggest insecurities.

As I was looking at myself, I thought “Those pimples didn’t stop me from being productive and having a wonderful day, and neither did this fat”. So I looked myself in the eyes and said “Good job!”. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is progress. I can honestly state that after several years of hating myself, I am making daily progress. And I really hope my reasons will motivate you to love yourself despite the acne or the other physical flaws you’re worried about.

So get up! All you need to do is start; you don’t even have to plan it, you can just go and do some work on a whim. And I promise you: you’ll keep going!


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