10,000 people died from the Coronavirus in New York

Coronavirus in New York

On Easter Sunday 671 people died from CoVid-19 in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared. More than 10,000 died from Coronavirus in New York so far, at least 10,056 to be more precise.

In a video published by CNN, the Governor added that it is “not as bad as it has been in the past.” Cuomo says that Easter Sunday represents one of the high holy days of the year for him, and for so many deaths to happen is “really, really, especially tragic”. He compares the pandemic’s impact to that of 9/11, an event that he declared changed “every new yorker on that day who was in a position to appreciate on that day what happened”.

Meanwhile, New Jersey deaths rose to 2,756, while Michigan deaths amounted to 1,456. Ten thousand died so far from Coronavirus in New York.

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In New York, the Governor says geography facilitated the quick spread of the virus, namely the density of the place. The high density facilitates the virus’ spread.

Currently, there are over 23,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus in the United States. The number is rising day by day, with more than 1.000 deaths reported only today.


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