5 The NBHD songs worth listening to because of their lyrics

The Neighbourhood, also known as The NBHD, is an alternative rock American band formed in 2011. Jesse Rutherford, Jeremy Freedman, and Zach Abels on guitars, Mikey Margott on bass, and Brandon Alexander Fried on drums make up the band. Their first album was released on April 23, 2013, and it is called “I love you”. The NBHD songs are also known for their expressive lyrics and symbolism that transmit certain feelings. This band is one of my favorites because their songs are interpretable, leaving the listeners to understand whatever resonates with them from the songs lyrics. These 5 songs are the ones that, in my opinion, have the most expressive words.


The NBHD launched this song on 9 March 2018 and it is about relationships, viewed on their toxic side. The lyrics show a person who is too dependent on their partner, and how the individual is starting to lose their personality for that relationship to last. Furthermore, the words of this song,  do refer to the story of Icarus and his fall. According to legend, Daedalus, a legendary inventor, who invented feathers and wax-wings to flee Crete, where he and his son, Icarus, were kept captive by King Minos. Icarus, on the other hand, disregarded his father’s cautions and flew dangerously close to the sun. His wings disintegrated and he fell into the sea, where he drowned.

So with that in mind, it is observable that in the following lyrics: “You’re like the sun, you wake me up/But you drain me out if I get too much”, you can see the hypostasis of the man in love, which, in this case, represents Icarus, and the person that is the object of love, representing the sun, and these two symbols are delivering the idea that, when the relationship is toxic, it can drain the other person bringing that individual’s soul its own “end”.

2.” Fallen Star”:

In this song, that The NBHD launched on 30 September, the chorus lyrics have a lot of double meaning. The words: “Further apart, the closer that we are/ I’ll keep you far away from me like a star” show the association made between the loved person and a star, which represents the ideal love that is not reachable, an idea emphasized by the phrase “further apart”. At the same time, these lyrics show how the person in love knows that the ideal love they are desperate for is not something achievable, a concept illustrated by the fact that the loved person is perceived as a star, which the human being likes to admire from afar.

3.”Wiped out!”:

Through this song, The NBHD showed another side of the human mind, a part of our brain that deals with self-sabotaging decisions. More specifically, the lyrics, and also the melody, of this song, show how conflicted thoughts and emotions can affect our relationship with the ones around us and with ourselves.

In the first half of the song, it is an observable fact that the human hypostasis is feeling optimistic about the person they love, and the melody in the background fits the created atmosphere. Throughout the song, the feelings, and the thoughts that are delivered change, showing a very cold and pessimistic human being, and also there could be seen a transformation in beliefs. In the end, the lyrics, combined with the melody, illustrate how the consequences of the self-sabotaging instinct look like.

4.”Everybody’s watching me ( UH, OH!)”:

In this song, The NBHD shows another part of human instincts. The theme of the lyrics is the concept of “people-pleasing”, which a majority of people experienced or are experiencing. This instinct is pretty harmful to human hypostasis, because a people-pleaser cant be honest with anybody, even with themselves, and any human connection that such a person makes is meaningless. This idea is illustrated in the song by the following phrases:” The more I’m wanted/ The less I’m home” and “If I’m forgotten/ I’ll be alone”. Furthermore, the song talks about how we, as humans, are displaying different masks in order to fit in.


This song is about how greedy the human being can be when it comes to everybody’s goals, always wanting more and having that feeling of emptiness. In the following lyrics:” No one makes it out alive from paradise”, you can see how the achievement of people’s goals and reaching success can make a person feel stuck as if they are drowning or suffocating in their own troubles and feelings.


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