10 super iconic songs that will turn 10 this year

iconic songs

I cannot believe 2011 was a decade ago. I still remember how platform pumps were the trend back then and the low rise skinny jeans weren’t dead. I was 11, a kiddo who didn’t know how to articulate “My name is…” in English; yet it feels like yesterday. Many iconic songs were released that year and as I was scrolling though some old playlists I found myself listening to them once again. This is by no means a top, the order is random and I’ve picked the most popular songs from that year. With that being said, let’s see the iconic songs that 2011 gave us!

Someone like You/Adele

I remember hearing this song on the radio and being mesmerized. No matter the year, the decade or song, Adele always has something in her unique voice that drawn me in. Besides “Someone like you”, another of Adele’s iconic songs from 2011 is “Set fire to the rain”.


Stereo Hearts/ Gym Class feat. Adam Levine

Nostalgia hits hard with this one. I didn’t know the meaning of this song (just like the rest of the songs), but the rap part combined with Adam’s voice was so pleasant to listen to!

A thousands years/ Christina Perri

A pretty “generic” love song, yet, it’s catchy. I’ve heard this song so many times and I’m still not bored by it! It’s cute, sounds good and has nice lyrics so of course it would be popular and be introduced as one of the iconic songs from 2011.

We are young/ Fun. Feat. Janelle Monae

Tonight we are young…and a decade later we are dealing with a pandemic. Maybe some of you forgot about this song, but it was one of the iconic songs of 2011. Every radio, ad, or even kid would play this song.

On the floor/ Jennifer López feat. Pitbull

Let’s be honest, this song is lively and energetic and we can say that 2011 was J Lo’s music year. Same with Pitbull. There are so, so, soooo many Pitbull songs from last decade. Indeed, he was Mr. Worldwide. Another iconic J Lo song from 2011 was “Papi”. Early 2010s songs were pretty bouncy and vibrant.

Mr. Saxobeat/ Alexandra Stan

I had to include this song as well. Not only because I’m Romanian and seeing a Romanian singer having a popular song made me a little bit proud, but because this song was a huge worldwide hit. It was no. 1 song in 10 countries and in top 10 in over 30 countries. Pretty cool, huh?

We found love/ Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

Rihanna dropped so many iconic songs in 2011. From “We found love” to “S&M”, “Where have you been” and “Man down”, Badgal Riri released catchy songs that are still listened by many fans.

E.T./ Katy Perry feat Kanye West

‘Cause baby, you’re a firework, Katy! Oops, wrong song. Still iconic though. I can remember how a younger girl from my neighborhood started crying when she first saw the music video for E.T. Oh, and who would have thought that Kanye West would candidate for the US presidency. Times really do change, right?

Judas/ Lady Gaga

She was born this way, the one and only Lady Gaga. She’s never been afraid to approach some touchy themes for her songs and while, indeed, she is still an amazing singer, early 2010s Gaga’s songs have something unique in them.

Moves like Jagger/ Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

With a shot of Jaeger we’ve got the moves like Jagger. Maroon 5 have some songs that makes you bop your head and shake your legs and “Moves like Jagger” is one of them for sure!

What was your favorite song from 2011?



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