10 songs inspired by the pandemic situation

10 songs inspired by the pandemic situation

The pandemic situation was one of the most stressful and hectic moments that happened to us. We still try to fight against this virus, and to our joy, we will win this battle.

During quarantine, many people had to adapt to a new kind of life, doctors risked their lives to save us, and they still do, because the pandemic is not over yet. There were so many things that inspired artists to make new songs, even during quarantine, and all these masterpieces will mark an unusual moment in the history of our planet, Earth.

Therefore, I will show you 10 songs that talked about this pandemic problem and that attracted me through their message:

1. Epiphany by Taylor Swift

She made this song to honour all doctors from the frontline who risked everything to help people who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. She also mentioned that this song represented her feelings about her grandfather, who fought in World War II.

2. Good Job by Alicia Keys

Like the first one, this piano ballad is dedicated to the frontline workers who fight against this virus. She explained that this song was inspired by her experience of her hard work which was never complimented by her family. As a result, she wrote the song for the heroes from the hospitals who are working hard as well, in order to save lives.

3. Life Goes On by BTS

This song, which debuted at number one on Billboard Hot 100, described the lives of a Korean boy band who had to adapt to this new life. Through this melody, they wanted to send a message to people who suffered from anxiety and depression during the quarantine, that they should not give up and that “life goes on”.

4. We Lost the Summer by Tomorrow X Together

A song that tells about the situation of all children and teenagers who had to face the abnormalities created by the Covid-19 pandemic. They wanted to show from a teen perspective, how teenagers weren’t able to experience the beauty of their young age because of the lockdown.

5. Six Feet Apart by Luke Combs

The artist expressed his feelings through this song, regarding the pandemic situation. He wanted to represent all the artists who were struggling to work at their activities as singers, due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

6. We Are Warriors by Avril Lavigne

The original version was titled Warrior and was actually a motivation for people who have to fight every day for their health. Lately, she announced that this single will be actually a project to help the doctors who saved the people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

7. Sekaijū no Rinjin yo by Nogizaka46

A Japanese song that talks about the fight of doctors and hospitals against the virus, showing their esteem towards their work and efforts. It is also a tribute to the help of the ordinary people who respected the restrictions on social distancing.

8. Better Days by OneRepublic

This is another song that comes as a motivation for people during the pandemic situation. They wanted to tell their story by writing a song about their experience and the consequences that happened due to Covid-19. Even with these unfortunate events, they wanted to send a positive message through which they hope for days without worrying about the virus.

9. House Party by Super Junior

Even though the song has a happy vibe, the message they send through it is referred to the restriction on social distancing, implemented due to the pandemic. The song contains advice that encourages people to stay home and think positively until we will be able to return to our normal lives.

10. It Was a… (Masked Christmas) by Jimmy Fallon feat. Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion

The American host, Jimmy Fallon, decided to make a parody to show how hard was for people to adapt to their new lives during holidays, due to the Covid-19 situation. Therefore, he wrote this song with comic perspectives, hoping that it would urge people to get the vaccine so that we could return to normality.


These are just a few of the songs that talked about the pandemic years, but there are so many arstis who wanted to send a positive message to everyone during this unfortunate situation.


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