10 of the best LGBT movies that you should watch

best lgbt movies

Here are some of the best LGBT movies that I would recommend to anyone.

  1. Paris Is Burning

Of course, I can’t start this list of best LGBT movies without this iconic movie. Technically a documentary, practically a piece of art! This is one of my favorite movies ever. It shows the amazing drag scene of New York in the 80s. Most of the cast is now gone but it is the root of a lot of our vernacular, of our culture, if you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, Paris is Burning is a necessary viewing. What’s so brilliant about this movie is that it has managed to safeguard that LGBTQ+ history that would have otherwise been lost.

  1. Weekend

This movie came out in 2011, and it’s not a movie that’s necessarily about being gay, but it’s about these two guys that awkwardly fall in love with one another but also integrated into their respective communities and their families and stuff like that. It is a really heartwarming and lovely movie and I really enjoyed it.

  1. Todo sobre mi madre

This movie is in Spanish. It’s a Pedro Almodovar movie who is a really famous Spanish director. It’s about the death of a child. And it is heavily implied that the child is gay, but then also there’s this really powerful trans character called Agrado, who talks about her journey to womanhood. The whole movie is a celebration of womanhood.

  1. Milk

I remember watching this movie as the first LGBTQ+ movie that wasn’t necessarily about just being gay. Obviously, it’s about Harvey Milk, who was a Councilman in San Francisco, and he was murdered and assassinated, and the movie is about his life. And it is a really important seminal movie about a very important person in the LGBTQ+ movement.

  1. Moonlight

This list of the best LGBT movies won’t be complete without this masterpiece. This movie won best picture, and it is purely incredible. It’s basically the story of a boy who goes through three different ages of his life. The story cycles around poverty and sexuality and drugs and crime and identity. It is such a good movie I can’t recommend it enough honestly.

  1. Un amour a taire

This is a French movie set in Nazi-occupied France. It is about two gay men who are inadvertently discovered because of the actions of someone who’s close to them but they were also harbouring a Jewish girl. Everything is beautifully acted, beautifully shot and the movie is a little underrated in my opinion so I’d definitely recommend you check it out.

  1. Princess Cyd

This movie is available on Netflix. It’s about a girl who goes to stay with her aunt for the summer and she learns a lot of stuff along the way. It’s just a very sweet nice romance that involves coming out but not in a really super traumatic stressful way.

  1. The Way He Looks

This movie is from Brazil. Originally is was a short movie that I adored, and it was so good that they made it into a feature film with the original cast. It has two teenage boys, one of whom is blind. The other one comes to his school. And they form this incredible friendship, and it is just so tender, so lovely, so romantic, so sweet. I mean that’s all I need to say, it’s just so good.

  1. Pride

This is an incredible British movie, it’s a very clash of cultures, with a mining town and a load of gay people who try and raise money for the miners during what’s called the Miner’s Strike in the 80s. It has an incredible cast of characters. It has humor, it has joyfulness, it has bittersweet moments. It has activism on screen. It’s just incredible.

  1. God’s Own Country

This movie takes place in Yorkshire and it follows the story of a young farmer that numbs his feelings with drinking until he meets a Romanian worker that sets him on a new path. It is a beautiful story and I warmly recommend this movie to anyone.


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