10 of the best and most expected anime of 2021!



After a pretty long hiatus, we are finally getting a continuation of one of the most popular anime from the early 2000s! The release date is not known yet, but many fans speculate it will be around the manga’s 20th anniversary date! Bleach fans, be prepared! 2021 will be all about hugely expected anime!


Shaman King

You’ve read that right! Shaman king is getting a new anime adaptation! This adaptation comes as a reboot of the 2001 anime adaptation. The news of this anime came so unexpectedly that many shounen fans thought it wasn’t real, but here is one of the official trailers! Animated by Studio Bridge, the anime is expected to air in April 2021!

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

The last season left the anime fans in such suspense with a huge cliffhanger. But worry not! The second season is here and things are getting intense! The date for the Crunchyroll release is confirmed: 14th of January.


Do you like skateboarding? Do you like high school anime series with cool races and “battles?” Then, dear reader, you are in luck because on 10th of January SK is getting its first episode of the new anime adaptations. Oh, keep in mind that Studio Bones are animating this series so our hopes are high! What else can be expected in the anime industry for the 2021 Winter season?


The Promised Neverland Season 2

The continuation of this anime was expected for 2021. After its huge success from two years ago, The Promised Neverland is coming back with a new season. As a manga reader all I can say it’s that things are getting complicated and lots of plot twists will be even more shocking in the animated adaptation! The first episode was released on the 7th of January so buckle up, anime fans, things are getting real!


Please don’t bully me, Nagatoro-san!

When I saw that this manga is getting an anime adaptation I could not be happier! If you like comedy and teasing the ones you like, this anime will tickle your fancy. The plot is kind of cliché, but the storytelling is pretty good. Again, this anime adaptation was not expected, at least not for 2021, but hey, we are not complaining! The first episode will air in April this year!



Uzumaki is a classic coming from Junji Ito. After the “Junji Ito Collection” anime adaptation we haven’t expected any other anime adaptations, but in 2021 Uzumaki is coming! The horror mini series will be aired this summer. Uzumaki is telling the story of a fictional city plagued with a supernatural curse involving spirals. With lots of interesting symbols, this mini series will twist our minds!


Chainsaw Man

This manga is speculated to get an anime adaptation in 2021 even though this wasn’t really expected. The manga is pretty young, originally running between December 2018 and December 2020. Remains to be seen if we will truly get an anime out of this devilish manga. The horror and action in this manga would look really interesting as an anime. Until then, why don’t you try reading it? I promise you, it’s a really good story with great story writing and artstyle!


Beastars Season 2

I knew it was coming yet have I expected a second season from this anime in 2021? Of course! Beastars is a really controversial anime and manga series, with the whole artstyle, the storytelling, the characters and even with the choice of CGI animation. Yet, the first episode aired on 7th of January and Beastars fans could not be any happier! To give you a little teaser, just listen to the opening. Catchy, innit? 


A great manga about how you should never judge a book by its covers, a wonderful romantic story with beautifully illustrated characters and drops of comedy: that’s Horimiya for you! I think this anime was one of the most expected ones for the 2021 Winter season. On 10th of January the first episode was released and fans have huge expectations of this anime adaptation. What anime are you most excited about this year?



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