1 year into the pandemic: a challenge we fought to win


One year into the pandemic: did we change our perception of everything? I believe we did.

The first lockdown was a very new and strange moment for the world. A lockdown was something that we humans were simply not used to, since we have never experienced such a thing. It has affected the economy negatively and many people lost their jobs because of it. People’s lives changed drastically. Schools were closed for an indefinite period of time and, to this day, they still are closed in most countries. Doctors were stressed and pressured to try their best so that they could save the lives of the people infected with the virus. Now, in the year 2021, we finally have a vaccine.

A time for reflection

I think the days spent at home in the first half of 2020 were an opportunity for busy parents to spend quality time with their children. Or, as a coping mechanism, some people looked for indoor hobbies, such as baking, writing, reading, painting – activities that most of us didn’t have any time for before because of our hectic jobs, never-ending assignments, and tiring schedules. In other words, this pandemic was and still is a time for reflection and also appreciation for the simple things in life. It made us cherish the people close to us even more than we did before.

In 2021, we’re handling the situation a little bit better, but we’ve got a long way down until the pandemic is over. To me, it feels like I’m trapped in time, in a continuous time loop, as if I am back in March 2020. These days, I don’t do much. I attend online school, I turn in my assignments, I go back to bed. But I’m still grateful, for what it’s worth.

Final thoughts

For now, no one knows what the future holds. We live with this constant feeling of uncertainty, so all we can do is hope for the best during such times. It is a slow and indefinite process but, someday, everything will go back to normal again.


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