1-ingredient easy nut butter recipe you’ll go nuts about


Nut butter is a staple in my kitchen. Most of the time I combine it with oatmeal to give it a nutty taste, mix it with smoothies to make them creamier or even use it in recipes such us when making banana bread, muffins, salad dressings, and many more. For those who dislike munching on nuts and find them hard to chew, nut butter is an excellent alternative to load your body with healthy fats. 


I do avoid buying nut butter, however, and prefer to make it at home. Why? Because it’s 100% cheaper, healthier, sugar-free, no preservatives, and basically, organic! Yes, the title of the article is telling the truth. You need nothing else than your nut of choice to prepare high quality, beyond delicious, extra creamy spread. 

Main ingredients for the nut butter: 

  • nuts of preference 

Optional ingredients for a flavor kick: 

  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • Honey
  • maple syrup
  • salt 


The preparation requires blending, blending, and only blending. Simple as that. A good processor or blender is crucial for getting the perfect nut butter. Vitamix and Bosch are my favorites, but anything powerful enough will do the trick as well. Start by roasting them for a couple of minutes until they get a nice golden color. Leave them to cool down before blending. If you are using hazelnuts or peanuts, peel the skin to get a smoother butter. 


Remember, you don’t need any additional oil or water to help the nuts blend easier. After a while, the nuts release their natural oils which bring everything together and results in a creamy texture. In the beginning, they will look like they have been ground and will slowly start transitioning into a thicker consistency. It may look like it takes forever, but remember, when making nut butter, patience is also one of the main ingredients. You’ll probably need to blend around 15 minutes; nevertheless, the result is so worth the trouble. 


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